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Sky Badger

Children, Disability, Family, Health & Wellbeing

Our mission

Sky Badger is an award-winning charity that finds help and adventure for disabled children and their families all over the UK.


Sky Badger is a UK wide charity providing help through our online platforms and helpdesk 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

-We support children and young people with all disabilities and special needs from Autism to eating disorders to Epilepsy.
-We support siblings, parents, grandparents and friends.
-We support teachers, medical staff and social care staff.
-All Sky Badger services are free to use.
-Children do not have to qualify to get our support.
-Sky Badger also runs a disability awareness programme for primary schools.
Sky Badger helps by building bridges between disabled children and the charities and services available to help. We find everything from disabled sports clubs to sibling groups to help at school to ‘make a wish’ charities and tell families about them though our website, social media platforms, videos, information packs and helpdesk. We help about 1,000 families every day and we are completely free to use.

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Registered charity nr: 1144234