School for Uganda

School for Uganda

Isle of Man
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Our mission

To provide support for the children of Uganda in accessing an education and to support widows and orphans through rural and education projects.


Who we are:

School for Uganda was set up in 2006. It was founded by a group of five individuals who share a bring hope to the lives of children living without it in Uganda. It is run by a group of three people. Every penny we raise is used for the project... none of us is paid any money from the donations received.

Our aims:

It was our initial intention to raise funds to facilitate the purchase of five acres of land, on which to build a school, boarding block, staff accommodation and working farm. Here the children of Uganda have the opportunity to access an education. The first contact with Uganda was made through a pen-friend and schools linking project, at Foxdale Primary School in the Isle of Man.

We are delighted to recognise the interest, concern and efforts of so many individuals, as well as the Manx media, in helping to raise the awareness of our work. We facilitate friendship across the world and encourage knowledge and understanding of each other’s cultures and countries. Hope and Joy Primary and Nursery School has now been built and its numbers continue to grow year on year. It is still in need of support whilst it develops to the point of self sufficiency. The school has been used as a centre for free dental treatment by a charitable group who provided treatment for the entire village in the past. 

It is said in Africa that a single drop of rain raises a pond. Please give your drop to our pond and give the gift of hope to generations of children who want to work their way out of poverty.

Moving forwards in friendship throughout the world.

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