Savitri Trust

Savitri Trust

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Anti-poverty, Health & Wellbeing, International, International Aid

Our mission

To help people who are blind to see, and care for people who are dying. To do this by supporting amazing local organisations who are change makers in their communities.


Savitri is a small yet ambitious charitable trust. Our aim is to help the poorest and most vulnerable and to alleviate the suffering and poor health caused by poverty. We cure the blind, care for the dying and help farmers grow enough to eat while protecting their environment. 

We focus on getting things done, supporting entrepreneurs, and have great monitoring and evaluation to make sure our money is spent effectively. 100% of all donations we receive go to our projects – to be clear if you give £20 i.e. the cost of a cataract surgery your money will pay for someone to have that surgery (many charities hint at this; few deliver). 

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Registered charity nr: 1087982