Down's Heart Group

Down's Heart Group

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Our mission

To empower and support families for a better life.


DHG is a small national charity providing support and information relating to the heart problems frequently associated with Down's Syndrome. 

Being told your new or unborn baby has Down's Syndrome can be devastating news, then to discover they have a potentially life threatening congenital heart defect provides another blow and families can feel very alone and bewildered by all the medical terms that suddenly surround them

We can talk to them parent to parent according to individual need and provide them with information in parent friendly language as well as someone to talk to who truly understands what they are going through. Acting as a bridge between families and the medical profession, we help empower parents to make informed choices for their child.

And we carry on supporting them throughout their youngsters life, whenever they need us.

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Registered charity nr: 1011413