DO! Developing Orphans

DO! Developing Orphans

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Our mission

Helping orphans to survive and thrive through self-sufficiency and education.


Enabling 193 orphans in 63 child headed families in Padibe and Akobi northern Uganda rebuild their lives after the bloody, long running Lord’s Resistance Army civil war.

The orphans had been left destitute without even the basic rights of clean water, food and education.
DO!’s initial support for each family is emergency food, a house, planting one acre with fast growing cassava, bean crops, giving 3 chickens, 3 goats for self –sufficiency.

DO! ensure all families continue to make progress economically.

DO! is helping the orphan families protect their traditional lands from a Ugandan Government Land Grab law due July 2017.

A tractor has been purchased, need funds for a 2nd, bringing the orphans from subsistence to commercial levels of agriculture, protecting them from ongoing poverty.

Using Farming God’s Way No till agricultural practises to maintain the soils in this drought prone sub-Saharan region.

Building and developing the Broadway Nursery & Primary School, Padibe to deliver a quality education in English for the youngest orphans and the wider population.

Training the older orphans in Vocational Trade Skills.

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