Crossroads Care IoM

Crossroads Care IoM

Isle of Man
Disability, Family, Health & Wellbeing

Our mission

We provide care to all carers and individuals with care needs, no matter what their disability or illness, or age


3 in 5 people will become a carer. It is not exclusive to the rich or the poor and can happen in seconds or over a period of time. Looking after someone with a disability or serious illness can often be very stressful and have a devastating impact on people's lives. Many carers can lose their identity, especially when you have to give up your job or activities - the things that you do that make you you!

Crossroads Care Isle of Man is a charity here to help improve the lives of the estimated 10,000 carers on the Isle of Man. Crossroads promotes, offers support and delivers high quality services for carers and people with care needs.

Through various projects the charity currently provides 1000 hours of respite care to carers every week and 1000 hours of meaningful care to those with care needs. The organisation runs its own nursery, holiday scheme, social clubs, young carers projects and employs 40 carer support workers to carry out the charity’s main objective of taking over the caring responsibility so that our Island’s carers can have a few hours to be themselves.

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