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The Lisa Lowe Centre & Manx Cancer Help

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Our mission

Supporting positive mental health through life's challenges.


Helping people -

Manx Cancer Help’s Psycho-oncology Service was established in 2008 to provide a confidential counselling and psychotherapy service for people affected by cancer. The face to face specialist support sessions we provide, are free. Where needed we have also offered appointments at home or in hospital.
The Service employs a visiting Consultant Clinical Psychologist and a Psychotherapist. Other trainees and professionally qualified staff work on a sessional basis. All staff employed by the Service are professionally qualified and registered with the appropriate professional body.
The Service offers specialist psychotherapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help deal with the emotional difficulties relating to cancer or even earlier stresses and trauma resurrected as a result of cancer. Individuals are usually offered a series of one-to-one appointments, which are entirely confidential. The Service follows NICE guidelines (National Institute for Health Care Excellence). Manx Cancer Help will provide specialist support to over 150 people on the Isle of Man each year.

A time to adapt -

We are delighted that mental health is becoming less of a stigma and that it is readily being accepted that it is as important as looking after your physical health.
The challenge to help as many people on the Island, that can benefit from our service, alongside the current cancer support we give, is one we take on with enthusiasm and passion. 
The charity has identified the need to be constantly adaptable and we are currently recruiting for additional therapists. Once a client has identified that they require support, we try to provide this as soon as possible.
We currently do not run a waiting list and each new referral is seen within 10 working days.
When promoting the charity we visit many corporate companies and the feedback we have is that although mental health is being addressed more frequently, when needed, there is increasingly limited support available. Government services have been stripped and waiting lists can be in excess of over 2 years. 
As a charity we feel that this is unacceptable and we are adapting the service to address positive mental health in the workplace, alongside the clients we are currently seeing that are affected by cancer.

Addressing the issues -

Under the guise “The Lisa Lowe Centre” our plan is to address the lack of options that are available on Island when affected with stress and anxiety in the workplace. A drop in support group is our first priority to help those who need support, with signposting for 1to1 sessions when the need is identified. We are registered with Bupa and AXA PPP Healthcare and can provide private therapy when required. 
The Lisa Lowe Centre is eager to build relationships with the corporate sector, bespoke courses are available for large numbers on request.
By providing education and support, your company can help reduce the amount of time staff take off from work, as well as reduce the strain on GP’s and the hospital and improve productivity at work and help towards a happy home life.

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